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Characteristics of the Product:

Amorphous silicon solar cells attract public attention with the following characteristics:

1. Amorphous silicon enjoys a better optical absorption coefficient, an order of magnitude higher than that of single crystal silicon with regard to the visible band of 0.3¡«0.75µm in particular, which makes it possible for an amorphous silicon film (of 1µm thick) to catch 90% of the utilizable solar energy, an efficiency 40 times of that of the single crystal silicon film. This primary feature contributes most to the manufacture of inexpensive solar cells out of amorphous silicon.

2. The band gap of amorphous silicon is larger than that of single crystal silicon, ranging from 1.5 to 2.0eV in light of the preparation conditions, which renders a higher open-circuit voltage of the amorphous silicon solar cell.

3. The uncomplicated process and equipment, low deposition temperature and short manufacturing period required by the preparation of amorphous silicon render readily available the mass production.

4. Amorphous silicon requires no periodic atomic arrangement that is necessary for silicon, hence avoiding the problem of lattice mismatch between the material and its substrate during the process of preparation, which enables amorphous silicon to deposit itself on well-nigh any substrate, even of large area, inclusive of the low-cost glass substrate.

5. The short energy-return period: the amorphous silicon solar cell with the conversion efficiency of 6% may consume 1.9kWh/W for its manufacturing, while its energy-return period measures only 1.5¡«2 years, which distinguishes the cell well above the silicon solar cell.

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