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Photovoltaic Theory:      

         The photo-electric conversion of solar energy, namely, ¡°the Photovoltaic Effect¡±, refers to the process during which the photons of radiant energy are converted to electricity via semiconductor, and on such process depends the functioning of solar cells.

¡¡¡¡    The semiconductor may utilize such barriers as pn junction, Schottky Barrier, heterojunction, etc. to bring about ¡°the Photovoltaic Effect¡±, i.e., upon the arrival of the incident sunlight at the solar cell, the light and the semiconductor shall interact with each other to generate photo carriers, the electron-hole pairs of which shall be separated by the barriers in the semiconductor and distributed to the two electrodes, with the positive and negative charge gathered respectively at the front and back electrode, and the gathering of the electric charge forms the electric current which is to be directed to electro-units through metal conductors.

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